101 Things in 1001 Days

This idea is from DayZero, and I have seen it posted on several other blogs. I thought it was a wonderful idea, but this list was a lot harder to make than I expected. Here is my list, in no specific order. 
The Mission:
Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.

The Criteria:
Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of work on my part).

Completed so far: 33/101

Haven't started
In progress

Start date: 08/12/2009
Finish date: 05/09/2012
  1. Go see a movie by myself.
  2. Visit Grandfather Mountain, NC
  3. Go Kayaking
  4. Submit a photo to The Gypsy Feet
  5. Visit 2 states I haven't been to
  6. Go whitewater rafting
  7. Make a memory box
  8. Ride a roller coaster
  9. Buy a pair of shoes from Tom's Shoes
  10. Visit Charleston, SC
  11. Pay $20 towards a stranger's groceries.
  12. Complete a box for Operation Christmas Child
  13. Watch a sunrise
  14. See Sister Hazel in concert again
  15. Have a picnic on the Parkway
  16. Read The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffengger (Spet. 2009)
  17. Offer a giveaway on my blog
  18. See a Broadway play
  19. Buy something on Etsy
  20. See a play each semester at school
  21. Visit Gatlinburg, TN
  22. Take Tim to Kentucky to visit my family
  23. Visit the Biltmore Estate
  24. Host a 1950's themed party
  25. Make a mirrored candle holder.
  26. Go skiing
  27. Write a letter to everyone in my address book.
  28. Host a Board Game Night
  29. Mail a postcard to Post Secret
  30. Complete a 1,000 piece puzzle
  31. Give blood
  32. Make breakfast for dinner
  33. Send a package to a childhood friend filled with goodies from childhood
  34. Start a scrapbook
  35. Update my blog every day for two weeks [9/14]
  36. Join a yoga class
  37. Spend one Saturday/Sunday all day in my pajamas watching movies.
  38. Go for a walk in the rain
  39. Cook a wonderful dinner for Tim(Sept. 2009)
  40. Write a letter to one of my favorite author's
  41. Visit New Bern, NC
  42. Make a delicious strawberry dessert
  43. Go to an art gallery
  44. Post a positive quote every day for thirty days. [0/30]
  45. Send a postcard to my dentist (the irony of this makes me giggle) (August 2009)
  46. Compliment someone different everyday for three weeks [0/21]
  47. Bake cookies for my neighbors(Sept. 2009)
  48. Spend a day walking around downtown Charlotte
  49. Listen to every song in my iTunes Library [22/1802]
  50. Subscribe to a magazine
  51. Spend a day in the library reading a book from beginning to end (with at least 200 pages)
  52. Buy something in an Antique shop
  53. Make a magazine word collage of one of my favorite quotes.
  54. Learn to play chess
  55. Play a game of Battleship
  56. Have a Nerf gun fight
  57. Play a game of kickball
  58. Attend a book reading
  59. Wear my hair straight everyday for a week [0/7]
  60. Visit the North Carolina Zoo
  61. Visit Hot Springs, NC
  62. Get in the car and drive to an unknown destination
  63. Have a Star Wars Movie Marathon Week [6/6]
  64. Watch the 2nd and 3rd Back to the Future Movies (August 2009)
  65. Watch a football game other than the Mountaineers or Panthers
  66. Leave a note on the sidewalk in chalk
  67. Make popcorn for my Dad for a change (August 2009)
  68. Collect 50 Box-Tops and donate to a school
  69. Burn an entire candle
  70. Take a trip to the Dollar Store and buy 10 items for a fun date day
  71. Color every picture in a coloring book
  72. Go to the drive-in movie
  73. Donate 50,000 grains of rice on freerice.com (28,000 as of Sept. 13, 2010)
  74. Drink only water for one month
  75. Write a book for children.
  76. Read every book written by Madeline Wickham [2/7]
  77. Submit a photo to icanread
  78. Baby-sit for a couple for free
  79. Fill up my spare change jar
  80. Drink a classic Coca-Cola from a glass bottle
  81. Participate in the 365 project
  82. Vacuum my room every week
  83. Add money to a parking meter about to run out
  84. Hand make just because gifts for 3 people
  85. Try a new food every week for 2 months [0/8]
  86. Check out a book from the library (Sept. 2009)
  87. Catch up with an old friend
  88. Try coffee
  89. Print at least 50 digital pictures
  90. Narrow purse to collection down to 10 (October 2009)
  91. Send a handmade card to a loved one
  92. Put $7 in a "special fund" from every paycheck in the 1001 days
  93. Visit the Ikea store
  94. Post a funny video every week for 3 months [6/12]
  95. Use my "green" bags when I go shopping (September 2009)
  96. Have a day where time doesn't matter
  97. Let someone teach me something new.
  98. Graduate college
  99. Learn to drive a stick shift car.