Sunday, July 5, 2015

TPT Seller Challenge Week 3: Make your Masterpiece!

This week the TPT seller challenge was to create your masterpiece! This was a little challenging for me because I've been in a creative block since 2014 (eek!).  I am glad I finally took the time to sit down and create something new!

I created Interactive Read Aloud prompts for the book My Mouth is a Volcano! This book is a wonderful one to use at the beginning of the school year, especially if you have a class of blurters. We have 20 minutes built into our schedule everyday for interactive read alouds. I love reading to my class everyday, but sometimes it is hard to prep an interactive read aloud for each day. I enjoy using the summer to get ahead start on it! I started last summer and it definitely made the beginning of the school year a little smoother.

Check out my masterpiece here!

Do you use interactive read alouds in your classroom? What are your favorite books to read aloud to your class?


Jen Bonner said...

LOVE her books :) I like to read this at the beginning of the year!

Sparkling in Second

Tamera Wilson said...

I love that book. Added it to my beginning of the year books last year.

So hate I didn't start this challenge! I was too overwhelmed to start when it all did as I was still wrapping up the year. But I so need to go back and take the challenge even if I am late. It's never too late, right?

Tamera Wilson said...

Love this book! Just added it to my beginning of the year books last year.