Sunday, May 24, 2015

Craft Obsession: Card Making

If you have been following me on instagram (@mrsjoy2) you know I am completely obsessed with card making. It is definitely my new favorite craft. There are so many different ideas and techniques you can use with card making. 

I wanted to share a handful of cards I have made in the past few months and tell you a little bit about my favorite things to use when making cards! 

These are just a handful of cards I've made recently.

I definitely love texture embossing! Have you tried it? I love using the embossing folders to add texture to cards. There are so many different folders you can buy and use, plus they are super easy to use! I think embossing folders might be my new craft addiction.

I also enjoy heating embossing. However I am still practicing it because it can be challenging sometimes. I can't tell you how many pieces I've tossed because it got too hot or was too messy looking. If you have any tips or tricks please send them my way! 

As you can tell from the pictures above, I'm also obsessed with squares and circles. :)

Do you make cards? If so. what are your favorite things to use? 

Now that the school year is starting to wind down some, I hope to post more consistently here. Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend! 

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