Monday, May 25, 2015

24 Weeks!

How far along? 24 weeks or 6 months! I can't not believe we are more than halfway there!
Total weight gain:  approx. 10  pounds  
Size of baby: A cantaloupe! 10.5 to 11.8 inches (that's almost a whole foot!)
Maternity clothes?  Trying to work with what I have now and rotate through the same 10 dresses and skirts. I did invest in some maternity tank tops from Target because  recess at 2:30 in the south  is very hot! 
Sleep:  I usually sleep from 9 pm until about 5:45 am (on workdays), I wake up a few times during the night. A couple of times I've woken up because baby has been moving around
Best moment this week: Having a day off from work to relax and mentally rest. 
Worst Moment this week:  I am still trying to get over a cough/cold that I've had since last week. That has been challenging and exhausting but I think it is finally going away.
Miss Anything? Chicken caesar salad
Cravings:  ICEES, Ice cream, Milkshakes (mostly anything that is cold)
Symptoms: Trouble sleeping and swollen ankles (ick)
Looking forward to: Finally starting to paint the nursery and put the furniture together! I think we finally picked out a color for our baby boy! I've been in nesting mode but haven't been able to do much. Ready for summer vacation so we can get started!  


Margot said...

You look fantastic! Yay for 24 weeks! Your sweet little man will be up here before you know it!

Megan Hinson said...

Love your updates!