Thursday, April 9, 2015

17 Weeks

How far along? 17 weeks
Total weight gain:  about 6  pounds  
Size of baby: The size of a sweet potato! (5.6 inches long)   
Maternity clothes?  Had to finally buy some maternity clothes. Added a few dresses and linen pants to my wardrobe. Hopefully this summer won't be too hot. 
Sleep:  Still trying to fit in naps when I can. Recently I have had a hard time sleeping through the night, I either wake up hungry or because I have to use the restroom. 
Best moment this week: We took a mini vacation to the river. We had a lot of fun relaxing and escaping reality for a few days. I also beat hubby at mini-golf! :)
Worst Moment this week:  Not  sleeping through the night and headaches.
Miss Anything? Still missing caffeine.
Cravings:  Reese's Cup Ice Cream
Symptoms: Trouble sleeping and headaches along with a few cramps or uterus growing pains. 
Looking forward to: Finding out if our sweet baby is a boy or girl on April 15th! Cannot wait. 

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