Wednesday, March 25, 2015

15 Weeks

How far along? 15 weeks
Total weight gain:  3 -4  pounds still 
Size of baby: A navel orange (about 4 inches)    
Maternity clothes?  Still trying to get away with my regular clothes, stretchy skirts and dresses. It's probably time to start investing in more maternity pieces. 
Sleep:  I am not taking as many naps now they are more every other day instead of every day. I'm also having some pretty crazy dreams not sure if that is related to baby or not
Best moment this week: We had a doctors appointment today! We got to hear our sweet baby's heartbeat for the first time. Baby's heartbeat was beating 148 bpm! I was so happy I got a case of the giggles and shed a few happy tears. 
Worst Moment this week:  Feeling overwhelmed with work.
Miss Anything?  Still missing Diet Dr. Pepper and caesar salad dressing.      
Cravings:  White cheddar popcorn and all the breakfast foods (muffins, fruits, waffles, french toast).
Symptoms: Using the restroom a lot and food aversions. It takes forever for me to decide on what sounds yummy enough to eat.  
Looking forward to: Our spring break! 6 work days to go! We are taking a much needed 3 day vacation to relax and I can't wait. We also get to find out the gender of  baby on April 15th! :) 

Sorry I know we missed weeks 13 and 14! We are going to try to be consistent from here on out. Life just got a little crazy.