Saturday, January 3, 2015

Teaching Math Through Reading

Math is probably one of my favorite subjects to teach mostly because it is more black and white than reading and writing. I love to watch my students when their lightbulb goes off and they finally get a math concept!

One way that I love to teach math is by using books! This has really helped me the past few years because I had students that loved to read and hated math. We started to read about math and they began to enjoy it more! We would use math reading books during our read alouds or before starting a new concept in math! (click on each picture to take you to that resource)

We recently used Even Steven and Odd Todd as a read aloud when we reviewed even and odd numbers! My students love this book, not only does it make them laugh but it really makes them pay attention to the characters and their actions! Reviewing math concepts and practicing reading strategies all at the same time? Yes please! 

Have you read Actual Size? If not you should check it out! The pictures of the animals in the book are the actual size of the animal! My students love to compare the size of their hand to the gorilla's. This book is the perfect way to incorporate measurement! We are actually going to do this in 2 weeks as we finish up our measurement unit. Students go outside and use chalk to measure the different sizes of the animals. Then they used the worksheet included to compare the different lengths! My students last year loved this activity. Can't wait to do it again this year! 

We also used the book How Big is a Foot? before starting our measurement unit. This book really makes students think about why it is important that we have standard units of measure. This book also makes them giggle a lot. 

Do you use literature to teach math? What are some of your favorite books or resources to use? 

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