Friday, January 2, 2015

Craft Room Pegboard

For my birthday this year (I guess technically last year) instead of a gift, I asked hubby to help me out with creating a pegboard for my craft room! If you follow me on Instagram (@mrsjoy2) you saw the project as I was working on it. Let's just say I am officially obsessed and loving the new pegboard. It helps encourage creativity!

I bought a pegboard at Lowes (about $8) and had them cut it to 2.5x4. Then came home and spray painted it! It was raining so I actually spray painted it on our front porch and now part of our porch is green (oops!). I was too excited to wait for the rain to stop.

I patiently waited for the pegboard to dry so we could hang it on the wall. Hubby did most of the hard work here. We used spacers to have the pegboard stick out from the wall. Once it was hung, the only thing I could put on it was my scissors and a hole punch. 

Looking at this picture now, it looks pretty sad and pitiful. At the time I was really excited! My mom and I went shopping at Ikea, Lowes, and Target so that I could hang more supplies up!

Now my pegboard looks like this: 

I love it! I am excited to use craft supplies now since I don't have to dig through tubs and drawers to find what I am looking for. This also makes clean up much easier as well! I love being able to see all my washi tape on display (I'm addicted). I have really enjoyed my craft space the past few days and using a lot of new craft tools that I will share later this week! 

What do you put in your work space to help encourage and inspire you?

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