Friday, August 15, 2014

DIY Bulletin Board Banner

This week I worked on creating a banner for the bulletin board in my classroom. I was a little tired of the die cut letters and thought it was time to try something new! This banner was easy to make. The time it takes all depends on how many pieces you need. 

Chipboard pennants 
(from Hobby Lobby, they had a lot of different shapes and sizes to pick from)
Washi tape
Xacto Knife
Scallop Punch out
Double Sided tape
Hot glue gun
Letter stickers

The first thing I did was cover each of my chipboard pieces in washi tape. 

I put washi tape all the way across and all the way down. I placed mine straight across, you could also do it diagonally. I liked to line up each strip of washi tape to help it look like a cohesive pattern. 

Then I flipped the chipboard piece over and used my Xacto knife to slice along the edge. This took off the extra washi tape. 

I made a total of 24 pieces for my banner. 

After having each piece covered in washi tape, I used a scalloped punch on ivory cardstock. 

Then I used my best friend (aka double sided tape) to attach these scallops to each banner piece. 
How did I ever live without double sided tape?

Next it was time for stickers! I probably spent way too much time analyzing which pieces couldn't go next to each other and exactly what I wanted my banner to say. I also bought my stickers at Hobby Lobby. 

I placed a sticker on each scalloped piece for my almost finished product! 

The last thing to do was add the ribbon or twine to the back. Make sure you double check that each piece is in the right order when you flip them over. I used hot glue to add the twine to the back of each piece and then my project was finished!! 

If you try this I would love to see your take on it! 
I am trying to figure out where else I can hang banners like this. I am obsessed with this project. Maybe one with my name on it for my desk? 

Happy crafting! 

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Teaching Eternity said...

Your banners look awesome - I love the idea of doing one as your name on your desk - I think I may make one for my door with mine and my room-mates' names (I share my classroom with 3 other teachers (it's very crowded!))