Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Teacher Tuesday: Printable Sticky Notes FREEBIE

A few weeks ago, I learned how to print on sticky notes and oh my goodness this is going to change my teacher life!

I am sharing a template you can edit and print whatever you want on sticky notes! I am definitely going to use this to help make my interactive read alouds neater!

Directions for printing on sticky notes:
1.Print the sticky note template page.
2.Stick your sticky notes in the boxes. Make sure all of the sticky sides are facing the same way
3.Load the paper in your printer so the sticky side goes through first and print! 
4. If you don’t do this it can mess up your printer.
5.Then peel of your sticky notes and use them! 

Just click on the picture above to download your free template! Directions are included in the download as well.  

How are you planning to use this in your classroom? 

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