Monday, July 28, 2014

My Teacher Must Haves

I was able to work in my classroom today! We have a little less than a month until school begins, but it was great to get a jump start on setting up my classroom! While I was working today, I thought of a few things that have made my teacher must have list and I thought I would share them with you!

1. Mr. Sketch Markers - these markers are amazing. They smell wonderful and I honestly believe they improve my handwriting. They actually help me get excited about writing anchor charts!

2. Scotch Laminator - I received a personal laminator for Christmas last year and it is one of the best things ever. Now when I print games or activities at home I can laminate them immediately instead having to wait until school the next day or the next (sometimes I am forgetful). This has made my teacher life so much better!

From amazon

3. Rainstick - I use this as our attention signal. I learned this trick from NC Teacher Chick and it is the best thing ever. My students love it and it really helps get their attention!

From amazon
4. Post It Lined Sticky Notes - Are you a list maker? I definitely am! However sometimes I lose my list. These sticky notes come in handy! I can write my list then stick it to the front of my plan book and I almost never lose it now!

What is on your teacher must have list for this year?


Margot said...

Aw! Such great ideas! I have a little teacher bell that would be my attention-getter. I loved playing at the beginning of each year where I'd have the kids be loud and crazy and with one ring of that bell they had to freeze. We'd practice until it was just right. :)This stuck with them for the year and helped me keep my cool when I needed their attention! I am in love with the rain stick idea and a laminator is a genius timesaver!

Amy Labrasciano said...

Thanks for linking up with us! I'm glad that you got into your class for a bit today.
Take care, Amy