Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Do I Really Have to Exercise?

Exercise was never my favorite thing. I actually really really disliked it and was convinced it was completely unnecessary. Then I started to walk my neighborhood once a day. Then I slowly started to add in a yoga session every few days. I began to notice I had more energy and was not as stressed (especially during the school year) which is a fantastic side effect in my opinion!

My biggest struggles when it comes to exercise are consistency and motivation! In order to help myself with these struggles I bought a Fitbit flex, which really encourages me to be active throughout the day.  I also  created a playlist that I love and helps me stay motivated when I am just ready to give up! Check it out and let me know what you think!

Consistent exercise is a constant work in progress for me and I am finally starting to realize that that's okay.  My goal is to be healthy and happy. 

Are you like me when it comes to exercise? Do you love it or hate it? How do you stay motivated and encouraged?

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Margot said...

Hi Sarah!
Love your blog and this playlist! In fact, I may have to copy it to get me motivated! For me, getting started is the hardest. Once I get into a routine, I feel so much better. If I get out of it for some reason, getting back is tough. Hope you're well!