Sunday, April 7, 2013

Spring Break

Hi there! My spring break is over and I am trying to prepare myself to get back into a routine this week. I know that waking up tomorrow will be a challenge. 

I enjoyed my spring break though. We took a short trip to Asheville to visit The Biltmore Estate. It was absolutely gorgeous. 

This was my third visit to The Biltmore Estate and I enjoyed it so much more this time. I really enjoyed learning about the history and the family that lived here. They have a bowling alley and a swimming pool in the basement! How cool is that? If you ever get the opportunity to visit you really should. They also have a beautiful conservatory. 

This was one of my favorite flowers there.

Over break I also was able to complete a few crafts. My current favorite is a bulletin board that I covered in fabric to use as an inspirational board.  I will have to share photos of it later. I need some pretty images and inspiring quotes to add to it. Have any suggestions? 

While I am not looking forward to my alarm going off at 5:45 tomorrow morning. I am looking forward to seeing and hugging my sweet second graders! I have missed them so much. 

Hope you have a wonderful Monday!