Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Who Am I?

I know I haven't written anything in a very long time. There has been something on my mind lately, and I just have to get it out somehow. Plus I really do miss the blog community.

My parents raised me to help others when ever I can. My parents are very wonderful people who would do as much as they could to help out a friend, family member or stranger in need. This is something I admire about my parents and hope to one day be as helpful as they are to others.

When I wrote on this blog a lot during college I was always trying to share a simple way that everyone could help make a difference in someone else's life. I feel that once I graduated and started teaching, I somehow lost this desire to "make a difference." Some days I would tell myself "Well, I am teacher, I make a difference every day. Isn't that enough?"  For the longest time, I thought it was enough. Mostly because I was struggling with balancing teaching and the other areas of my life. Now I am able to balance it much better and I feel that I need to do more to help make a difference.

One of the many reasons I wanted to be a teacher was to inspire my students to help others less fortunate than us. Recently I started an account on We Give Books for my students to use in my classroom throughout the school day. I was hoping I could inspire my students to read and help donate books. They are excited,  they beg me to use We Give Books, they really want to help. Several times over the past few weeks, I have said, "Not today" or "We don't have time."
Who have I become that I would say this? Why don't we have time to read one book and help other students around the world?

We have one more quarter left in this school year, and I will make the time for my students to be able to help others through reading. I am hoping that my desire to help others will continue to grow and I will actually do something about it.

How do you help make a difference?

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applesandglue said...

Yay that you're blogging again - missed you!!

I'm with you - sometimes I come home from work exhausted and my mom goes "wouldn't it be nice if we volunteered somewhere, gave back to the community" and I want to be like, I just helped educate 27 students... isn't that giving back?

Teaching is hard and draining but worthwhile and yes we probably should be doing more but we're doing a lot right now, so I say keep that in mind and don't be so hard on yourself. :)