Sunday, September 30, 2012

DIY Headband Holder

I love headbands. I love that putting on a cute headband can turn around my entire day. 
Since I love them so much, I of course have an abundant amount hanging around the house. 
I tried to keep them in a drawer but the ones with flowers continued to squished.

I came across this DIY headband holder on Pinterest. 
It was probably one of the first items I ever pinned. 
I never eat oats, so I never had the materials to complete this project until now. I was very excited to find a recipe that used oats (granola bites) so that I could finally create a headband holder! 

Materials I used: 
1 oats container
1 fat quarter of fabric (found it for $1 at AC Moore)
1 candle holder ($5 at Target) 
hot glue 
ribbon tape ( $0.67 clearance at Michael's)

Step 1: Cover your container in your fabric. I used a fat quarter and it was enough for the whole container. 
I had to cut off some at the bottom. I left some fabric at the top and bottom to fold over. Use hot glue to adhere your fabric to the container. 

Step 2: Hot glue the bottom of your container to the candle stick holder. This part was tricky because my candle holder was not a flat surface. After using almost entire hot glue stick it stayed in place. 

Step 3: I used acrylic paint to paint my lid. I think next time I will cover the lid in fabric or matching paper. 
It took forever for the paint to dry and I couldn't quite get my desired result.
I embellished the side of the lid with pink fabric/lace tape I found on clearance at Michael's. 

Step 4:  Add your headbands!! 

I absolutely love to display my headbands now! The best part is all my other hair accessories will fit inside the container. Let me know if you make one, I would love to see your variation! 

Which DIY projects have you completed lately?

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