Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Donors Choose

My friend, Ari wrote an amazing post recently about Donors Choose. 
She had been raving on about this amazing website that helps teachers acquire the materials they need for their classroom, and she convinced me to create a project for my classroom. 

I don't share a lot about my classroom, students, and school mainly because I am afraid of giving away too much personal information about my students and school. However my classroom is in desperate need of a Math Library.  I am requesting a math library to help my students apply math concepts to the world outside of the classroom. I have had 3 very generous people in my life already donate to our classroom project. We only need $144 ( if 72 people gave just $2) to complete our project. If you would like to sponsor a teacher and a classroom please consider helping us out. 

You can read all about my project by going here.
Thank you for reading this post! 

Check back next week for a post about our honeymoon (finally, right?)! 

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applesandglue said...

I'm so glad you posted a projected and I hope it gets funded! Maybe when school starts you can send out a link to the page to the parents, maybe they'll be motivated to donate too?