Sunday, May 20, 2012

DIY Canvas Art

Since we have been in our house, I am constantly keeping my eye out for art or anything to decorate our home. 
However a lot of decorative pieces seemed to be expensive. 
I was thrilled when I came across this lovely idea on Pinterest.

I already had a canvas, so all I needed was some letter stickers and paint!

I painted the entire canvas blue then placed the stickers on. 
After the stickers were placed, I painted over the canvas with black.  
I used two coats of paint. 
Then impatiently waited for it to dry. 
Once it was dry, I peeled the stickers off. 

It is not perfect but I love it. 

I also had another canvas and wanted to make something else to add to our home decor. 
I decided to use a piece of scrapbook paper and some ModPodge (love this stuff). It was very simple and I love how it turned out. 

We hung up both pieces on our wall collage with some of our engagement and wedding pictures. 

This wall was blank for the longest time, I absolutely love looking at it now. 
(please forgive the poor quality phone pictures) 

What is your most recent DIY project?