Monday, November 21, 2011

Wedding Card Book

We received so many beautiful cards for our wedding. 
The messages, notes, and blessings written inside meant so much to us, that I couldn't bring myself to recycle them. A few days ago, I posted this on Twitter:

Thankfully the wonderful Molly suggested I search Pinterest.
I searched and came across this idea
It seemed simple enough and a great way to save those cards that mean so much to us.
Here is my version: 

For the first two pages, I used an extra invitation and program from our wedding (the heart is covering our last names).

Overall, this project probably took me 10 to 15 minutes. 
It was very simple to do. 
The materials I used were a 3 hole punch, 2 large binder rings, and our wedding cards. 
Although I only punched two holes in each card, it was easier to use a 3 hole punch because this helped make sure the holes were as even as possible. 

I love this because with the binder rings, it is flexible enough to hold every card even though the cards are a variety of different sizes. Right now, our wedding card book is sitting on our mantle. I am excited to have it so that we can go back and read the cards on an anniversary, with our kids, maybe even our grand-kids one day. 


Molly said...

This turned out so great! What a fantastic way to keep your cards.

Now I wish I'd saved ours! Think the hubby would go for another wedding for that I could make one?

Chelsea Elizabeth. said...

Aw! This is such a beautiful idea. :)

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

Aline said...

this is seriously such a great idea!

Sarah said...

That is such a brilliant idea! For our wedding cards I got one of these-

I used a coupon code and only had to pay shipping!