Monday, July 18, 2011

Happy List

Things that have made me happy lately:

Our beautiful wedding invitations arrived in the mail.  
Buying wedding bands. 
Having the best summer job ever. 
Relaxing weekend escapes. 
Receiving our first wedding gift (yay!).
The Hunger Games Trilogy, I am obsessed. 
Harry Potter 7 Part II. AMAZING. 

What is on your current happy list?


ae said...

The Hunger Games is on my "to read" list!

Chelsea Elizabeth. said...

All of these wedding thigns are so exciting! And I want to read the Hunger Games series so bad, and I can't wait to see the last Harry Potter! I saw on your twitter you felt down, just focus on these things. Cheer up, life is too short! :)

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

LOIS said...

awww this post is making me happy too! :D
Love Lois xxx

Aleta said...

Those are some great things to be happy about - treasure the moments!

My happy list is that my husband doesn't have to go out of town - WOOT!

My happy list includes having my niece come over yesterday and being creatively fun with the pictures I wanted to take for a photo challenge on a blog.

I want to see Harry Potter this weekend :)

patience said...

good for you!...this reminds me of last summer when i was planning my wedding! gosh now that it's all over...the e-course i'm planning makes me happy.

i just like to plan, lolol.

Mikelle Jade {The Honeypie Archives} said...

woohoo for wedding gifts and HP! Congrats, hope your planning is going well!

Megan said...

love your list - how wonderful is The Hunger Games? its the best series i have read in ages. at the moment colourful nailpolish, lady grey tea and keeping warm is making me happy.