Friday, June 17, 2011

Happy List

Things that have made my happy the past couple of weeks:

Beautiful flowers.
Spending lots of time with Tim. 
Getting my room cleaned out. 
Friends on DVD. 

Receiving lovely packages in the mail.
Finally getting my diploma! *happy dance*
The photo book I made with our engagement pictures and my favorite quotes about love.
Finishing two books (reviews coming soon).
The latest X-Men movie (mainly, James McAvoy)

What is on your happy list?


Pia said...

FRIENDS on DVD always makes me happy!! I have a bad day? I watch Friends, and bam! I am feeling better.

At the moment eating lots of watermelon makes me happy. :)

April said...

Are those tissue paper circles? So cute!!

ae said...

Friends is the best show ever!

Alyssa said...

the sight of confetti always makes me smile - even though i sent it :)