Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bridesmaids Brunch

On Saturday, I held a bridesmaids brunch. 
I invited my bridesmaids over to discuss wedding details, for everyone to get to know each other some, and so they could see my wedding dress. 
It was a lot of fun and it makes me excited for future wedding related events. 

I made the bunting myself. It was fun and definitely an easy way to decorate the room. 

I think other than the bunting, my favorite detail was the cups we drank out of.
We used Mason Jars and I created a name tag for each jar. 
They were so cute.

We used these colorful straws to enjoy our drink of choice (apple juice, orange juice, and lemonade).

On the menu, we had; 
Blueberry muffins
Chocolate chip muffins
Fruit dip
Chocolate covered strawberries
And Chicken Minis from Chick-fil-a 

The food was delicious!
And the company was amazing. 

I really enjoyed planning this and putting all the details together. 
We used some flowers from my mother's garden in the centerpiece. 


Sarah said...

Everything looks lovely! I adore that bunting you made. The colors are so sweet and lively. And that cupcake stand is adorable! I must say that I can already imagine how beautiful your garden is! The mason jars idea is brilliant - too cute! Must've been a wonderful brunch. :) x

mrskandcaptainj.com said...

Looks beautiful and so pleasant!

KY said...

Oh my Goodness!! I absolutely LOVE this idea and will be stealing it! I went to college with my MOH, she knows my two sisters obviously (but very little) and has never met my other two bridesmaids. This is perfect. I love your decorations and the thought that went into this!! :)

stoppingfordaisies said...

Everything looks great and I love the bunting, I love that you made that!

Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

what a cute idea. I love drinks out of mason jars

Kristin said...

What a fabulous looking party! Love the bunting!

Chandra Nicole said...

Celebrating is so much fun! What an adorable and imaginative little party you put together :)