Friday, May 20, 2011

Save the Date!

I realized I haven't shared very many wedding details with you lately. 
My sister, Megan, created our Save the Date postcards that we sent out. Tim's sister, Meghan, took the pictures we used. I like that they both helped us with this. (yes, we both have sisters named Megan/Meghan)


Back of postcard

There are some wedding details that I am dying to share with you all, yet I am trying to keep most things a surprise for our guests. I will try to share what I feel won't jeopardize the experience of our guests.
We created a wedding website which I was pretty excited about. 

Our colors are a sage green, a latte brown, and a chocolate brown. 

Only 5 months and 3 days until we get married!
I'm very excited.


Pia said...

I love your save the dates! They look so pretty. And only 5 more months to go, that is amazing!!

Brooke said...

So exciting! Our wedding dates are going to be so close :) I'm going to make a website too! So much easier!

Megan said...

Love the save the dates, the website is a great idea!! My friend from work had green and chocolate as her wedding colours and looked so beautiful. She had an outdoors wedding so the colours were perfect! said...

Those save the dates are adorable, I love both pictures! The colors you've picked out are great too!

Courtney B said...

Ah!! This is so SO exciting!! Congratulations!
I love your save the date.. and that picture is SO cute!

sarah nicole said...

Cute photo! It looks like it's going to be gorgeous.



Kristin said...

What a pretty color palette!

Chelsea Elizabeth. said...

I am SO excited to hear more. I love hearing about this stuff. Those colors will look amazing!!

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

Sarah Nicole said...

Thanks for the sweet comments! Can't wait to share more with you all. :]

Perfect Pairings Events & Boutique said...

Ahh! The Save the Dates are so adorable!