Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Making A Difference: Nakate Project

I have recently been provided with the opportunity to work with an amazing organization, Nakate Project.

Nakate is an organization that started in December of 2010, and has since grown to support over 20 women in Uganda on a month to month basis. Nakate sells beautiful necklaces made by these women in Uganda to help support them. This project started because of one girl who touched the hearts of the founders of  the Nakate Project.

This is a picture of Nakate. She inspired this entire project to help the women in her village. 
Isn't she simply beautiful?
Read the whole story.

Because Nakate gives as much back to the women in Uganda as they can (almost 100%), this does not leave much left for the funds of Nakate as a business.
There are several easy ways you can help out the Nakate Project.
1. Donate just $5 to help support the team. Donate here.
2. You can sign up to be an advocate to spread the word about the Nakate Project.
3. Buy a beautiful necklace to help support the women in Uganda.

The summer line for the Nakate Project's shop comes out today!
Here's a sneak peek.
Aren't these bracelets and necklaces amazing?

Nakate Project Website : Twitter : Facebook

All information and photos via The Nakate Project.

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