Saturday, April 9, 2011

“There is no failure except in no longer trying”

This past week, I had an MRI in order to figure out what I did to my knee when I fell at school two weeks ago. I managed to dislocate my knee cap (which thankfully popped back in on it's own) and I also tore the ligaments on the inside of my knee. This caused my knee to fill up with blood and swell to the size of a large grapefruit (making it very difficult to walk). The swelling has gone down and I am slowly getting better, but it's going to take a while.

So on top of student teaching, preparing for graduation, and planning a wedding, I now have to start physical therapy. Blogging has taken a backseat to all of these things at the moment. Hopefully things will start to get calmer soon. Graduation is only a month away! I really do miss it and all of you. Hope you have been doing well.

isn't this picture adorable?

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Dawniebee12 said...

Ugh. My knee first popped out when I was in 5th grade. It is hereditary. My mom and her 3 sisters all had surgery on their left knee. Well, guess who joined their club in 9th grade? Me! I hate my knees. Feel better soon! Found you on FTLOB. Come say hi!

Gillian said...

First of all, I'm sorry to hear about your injury! Thankfully, I've never had a knee injury, but my husband says they're excruciating (he played a lot of soccer as a kid)!

Hopefully, your pain and stress will soon subside!

Newly following through FTLOB.

Baby Talk without the Babble

Sonya said...

Aw, that sucks. :/
But it does sound like you've got some good things going on - student teaching (I can't wait to start doing that! In another year and a half ...), graduation, and planning a WEDDING!? Oh my goodness. I can see why you say you've been busy, but (mostly) for good reasons. :)

Jen HaHA said...

Stopping by from Comment Love Sunday. Your hydrangea pic caught my eye because my Saturday post was about hydrangeas! I hope your knee gets better soon. That does not sound like fun. When it rains it pours, but then the sun clears up everything and it's all rainbows and smiles.

Jen Hemming and Hawing Again

ae said...

Sorry about your knee. Hopefully, it will be a quick recovery!

Kristin said...

You poor thing. Knee pain is the worst!

Gracie said...

Wow! That is completely crazy. I hope that you have a quick recovery and able to get back into everything!

Get better!

Sara said...

Oh my gosh, that's terrible! Do you need surgery?

Congratulations on graduating! I hope you enjoy the ceremony and all the fun things that go with it.