Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Guest Post: How I Get Inspired

Hi everyone, I’m April from A Little of This and That. I’m very excited to do a guest post today about inspiration.

Inspiration can be very fickle because you can be overflowing with it one moment and then the next, be completely un-inspired. Life is like that though. You never really know for sure what is coming next. For me, I get these awesome moments of inspiration and creativity so much so that I can hardly get through the workday and rush home to get started only to find that the things of life (family, bills, pets, cleaning, driving) have taken over my mood!

Inspiration is also something that every one of us needs…not just people who do “creative stuff” for a living. Inspiration drives us. Inspiration fuels us.

So, here are a few ways that I get inspired...

1. Keep a creativity journal. I have a small spiral notebook that I keep in my purse to write down ideas that I think up throughout the day. Jot down your thoughts, words, and descriptions of pretty things you see or even interesting people. When you go back and look over it, it almost always can be inspiring in some fashion.

2. Keep an “I love” board. I have a bulletin board in my bedroom that I decorated to be pretty. As I browse through magazines and see pictures I love or receive cute cards and mail I’ll tack them to the board. Not only can it be inspirational, but it can be part of your décor! It’s also helpful to change up the pictures/cards/photos every few months or so.

 3. Keep a computer folder for inspiration. I have an image folder on both my work computer and my personal laptop that is simply called “Inspiring”. As I’m browsing on the internet or through other blogs and find something that is interesting, thought provoking or just plain pretty, I’ll save a copy of the picture into my Inspiring folder. After you get a good number of them, it’s awesome to scroll through and see all the things you once thought were interesting.
Well, those are just my helpful tips. Above all remember that you can be inspired by ANYTHING. It can be people, photography, fashion, books, nature or a recipe. Keep your eyes and ears open for things and stockpile them for those days when your inspiration runs dry.

Thank you for sharing your inspiration with us April. I definitely keep an inspiration folder on my computer as well! Make sure you check out April's awesome blog and leave her a comment!


Teena in Toronto said...

Great tips!

Happy blogoversary :)

AbominableAmie said...

I NEED to make an "I love" board! One for home and one more my office/classroom! Maybe that will be my weekend craft project!

Chelsea Elizabeth. said...

LOVE all of these tips! Im in the middle of creating an inspiration board and I have folders saved to my computer. The jounral is such a great idea!

<3Chelsea Elizabeth