Thursday, April 21, 2011

Guest Post: Chelsea Elizabeth's Happy List

Hello everybody! My name is Chelsea Elizabeth and I'm from the blog "Organized Mess". I post about all different things, usually centered around fashion or food. I wanted to share with you a list of my top 5 things that put me in a good mood.
1. Starbucks
I became an obsessive coffee drinker about two years ago. I love anything coffee related whether it's a lottee or morning coffee. Starbucks quickly became my favorite and it's my "go-to" place when I'm having a down day. My favorites? The white chocolate mocha or a caramel macchiato.
2. Good Food
I am one of those people who will try anything, last week in Philadelphia I tried fried calamari and loved it. I love restaurants that surprise me and have incredible food. My favorite cheap, on the go restaurant right now would be "Chipotle".
3. City Trips
My heart belongs in the city. I knew that as soon as I graduated from high school that's where I would be headed. I just sent in my deposit for a college in the city and now I'll be leaving in 4 short months.
4. Reading
Reading puts me in such a good mood, I love being relaxed and laying in bed or sitting outside enjoying a good book. It's one of my more laid back hobbies, my other hobbies include tennis, running and baking. I just finished reading "Water for Elephants" and it was incredible.
5. The People I Love
This is the thing that makes me more happy than anything else. My friends, my family and Derek bring more happiness to my life than anything else ever could. I think it's important to surround ourselves with people who are going to love and care for us back.
Well, I hope you all enjoyed hearing my list of favorite things. I would love to hear back from you all and know what makes you happy! Feel free to come visit me at sometime. :)
<3Chelsea Elizabeth

Thanks for sharing your happy list with us Chelsea Elizabeth. Make sure visit Chelsea over at her spectacular blog, Organized Mess.

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indecisiveari said...

That picture of starbucks made me drool. I cut back on starbucks a few months ago and while I indulge every once in a while, I miss having the really good sugary (mmmm caramel frapp with extra caramel) drinks a few times a week!

Great list!!