Monday, April 4, 2011

Favorites: Tangled

Have you seen Tangled yet?
It is definitely my current favorite movie.

This movie is based off of the fairy tale of Rapunzel with a few changes. 
I love this movie. The story is so sweet (bring a tissue). 
This movie makes me happy. I love the spirit and personality that Rapunzel has.
 I watched it twice this weekend while I was confined to my bed. 
If you have not seen this movie, go see it now! 

What is your current favorite movie?


Brooke said...

oh my goodness I want to see this movie sooooo bad! and thank you soooo much for voting :D

Chelsea Elizabeth. said...

I want to see that movie! I usually dont like animated movies like that but this one looks adorable. :)
I think my favorite movie will always be "RENT". Im seriously obsessed with it.

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

ae said...

I want to see this movie! I saw Adjustment Bureau a couple of weeks ago and it was amazing!

Pia said...

I want to see this one so bad!! So looking forward to it!

mary said...

hi cutie pop! thanks for stopping by my blog before! I also love love this movie! xox!

Kristin said...

I haven't yet, but I really want to watch it! St. Elmo's Fire and Love Actually are my all time faves!

Maria Noelle said...

i'm new.. so i'm getting used to the whole blog thing.. haha, but i must say that i haven't seen that movie, but i do want to go.. :)

Rhianne said...

oh my gosh, I loved it - did you see it in 3d? the latterns were the prettiest thing I've ever seen.

I'm trying to convince thomas to watch it with me now, haha!

The Extra Ordinary Bree said...

Awww... I wanna see it! But in this house full of boys it's just not going to happen.

I very seldom get to watch a movie. I just listen to them on the DVD player in the car while I'm driving. But I sat down and watched Despicable Me last week and it was surprisingly cute with a great story!