Monday, March 7, 2011

Learning Experience

Student teaching has definitely been a learning experience. 
It has kept me very busy (and exhausted).
I have learned a lot. 
I've learned things that I could never learn from a lecture class. 

Student teaching has helped me learn:
- how to stay calm when a student spits at you
- to not make a disgusting face when a student uses the classroom floor as a toilet
-to pick my battles (some just aren't worth the energy)
-how to become a copy machine technician (think that can go on my resume?)
-the importance of sleep
- not too take life so seriously
- to expect the unexpected (you never know what will happen or what will be said)
- everyone has their bad days

(and I'm only half way through the semester. 62 days until graduation!)


Henar said...

Aww, this is beautiful !!
I love it !! ♥



ae said...

Glad you are enjoying student teaching! I know you are excited about graduation. I graduate in 67 days!!!

Chelsea Elizabeth. said...

Im glad you seem to be enjoying it and learning from it. I could never have that much patience. I have a friend who wants to become a teacher! :)

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

Moniek said...