Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy List

Finding the Tootsie Roll Pop wrapper with the guy shooting a star! 
When I was younger, I always thought this wrapper was something spectacular. 

Starting to organize my life! Yay! 
Episodes of The Big Bang Theory on DVD.

These plates I got for $.89 that remind me of something Busy Bee Lauren would have in her home.
Finally getting to wear my new outfit for my engagement pictures on Saturday!
The last thing on my happy list is that I found out I passed the Praxis II exam! This made me super extra happy.

What is on your happy list this week?


Katy Mary said...

Love those plates! Congrats on passing your exam, yay. I'm happy about my fiance cooking me dinner all week!

Molly said...

Those plates ARE adorable.
I'm making my happy list RIGHT NOW!!! It'll be posted tomorrow :)

A Foreign Land

Sera said...

ooh i like this post!

Alyssa said...

big bang theory + spotted plates = awesomeness!