Sunday, January 23, 2011

Crafty Headband

Look what I made!

After my Great Grandpa passed away all the great grandkids were given the opportunity to take some his ties. 
I think I took two but I never wear ties and I wanted to be able to wear it somehow. 
So I took his tie and turned it into a flower, then added it to a headband.
Now I can wear it in my hair anytime I want!

I was really happy with the way it turned out. 


Chelsea Elizabeth. said...

That looks great. Thats such a creative idea, I would've never thought of that! :)

<3Chelsea Elizabeth said...

I love it! You did great. What a nice way to carry your grandfather's memory with you wherever you go :)

daisymay aka Chantele said...

That is so sweet! Very creative of you!

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jenneybean said...

This is adorable! I just love everything you blog about and I'm always in awe of everything! :)