Monday, January 3, 2011

Charleston Part 1: Exploring

Tim and I spent a few days in Charleston. 
We had so much fun and really enjoyed spending time together. 
Charleston is such a beautiful place.
It always will be to me.

Here are some pictures I took the first day while we were exploring.

We tried to ride the trolley then realized it was faster if we walked every where. 
It was fun to be able to walk anywhere we wanted to go. 

I was obsessed with this bridge. 

This church is so beautiful. 

This sign is amazingly awesome. 
I can't wait to get it printed and framed!

We enjoyed just exploring the city. 
Looking at all of the beautiful buildings and the gorgeous scenery. 


Megan said...

That church is just gorgeous, lovely photos.

Shelley Ann said...

great pictures!! it looks like exploring was so much fun!

Kristin said...

I've always wanted to visit there! It looks beautiful!