Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wild Hair

Want to know what happens when I leave my hair in a bun for two days?


It gets crazy curly and wild and chaotic. 

 I always forget how much hair I actually have. 
It definitely made me laugh though, which is good because I think I am coming down with a case of cabin fever!

What makes your hair go crazy?


mirachantek said...

after a day of soaking yourself in a swimming pool that's full of chlorine. heh that makes mine crazaayy

Alyssa said...

ummmmmmmmmmmmm thats alot of hair.

i love your blonde - its just the perfect blonde.

-Sam I Am- said...

Ummm can I please have your gorgeous hair?!?!?!

Wow, so beautiful!

Aleta said...

I don't think it's wild, I think it's actually very pretty!

My hair goes wild with winter weather - it gets frizzy and static makes it stand up!

Sara said...


You look like you came straight out of "Tangled".

Kristin said...

You and I could have a jungle mane showdown!

e.day said...

ha! i'm pretty sure anything makes my hair go crazy. fog, drizzle, heat, whatever.

i put my hair in braids last night and instead of soft waves it turned into frizzed out crimp central. not exactly the look i was going for. your hair is so gorgeous!

Emilie said...

I love this hair style, I wish I could get curls like this...mine goes crazy and frizzy in hot weather- like the episode of friends when Monica is in Barbados ha ha! Emilie