Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Best Mail Ever!

I moved home on Saturday and when I got home there were a few lovely surprises for me! 
My love letter from Project You! The envelope was so gorgeous I didn't want to open it. 
Then I opened it and it was probably one of the sweetest letters I've ever gotten. 
If you haven't joined Project You yet, you need to head on over there and join. 

Then I also had a beautiful Christmas card from Diana at
Their card is so creative and I love it. 
I definitely made me smile.

I am so grateful for the blogging community. 
Hope you have had a wonderful day!


Kaleena J. said...

i'm grateful for the blogging community too. I've had that problem too where the packaging or wrapping was so pretty i didn't want to open it! haha

Gracie said...

Hehe oh you received a beautiful letter! Project you is so fun :) Glad you are a part of it.

Meghan said...

Mail from two great ladies! I love it!