Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Pictures!

Tim and I on Thanksgiving.
(I am in love with this picture and this boy.)
I was so excited to see all the pretty leaves at home.
Isn't the tree in our backyard gorgeous?

We made turkey cookie desserts!
 It was fun and chocolatey (is that even a word?). My siblings are silly. 
 I think I had the messiest job. 

Family picture (minus Megan)
It was so good to spend some time with my grandparents. 
They came all the way from Kentucky.

Everyone at dinner (including Megan and her hubby!). 
It was so delicious. 
I definitely ate way too much last week.
My favorite had to be the homemade mashed potatoes (yum)

What was your favorite Thanksgiving food last week?


Meghan said...

Those turkey cookies sound incredible! Love your blog, btw!

Alyssa said...

That table setting looks EXACTLY how i would picture thanksgiving! Picture perfect family :)

Diana said...

The missing person at the table must be the one taking the photo ;)

Molly said...

I kinda think the green bean caserole is my favorite... the classic cream of mushroom decadence. :)
Looks like you had an awesome holiday.

Sara said...

Cherry pie from the Grand Traverse Pie Company.

Thanksgiving is wonderful because it embraces the pie, just as I do all year 'round.

Looks like you had a great holiday and I hope finals are going well for you!

rachel! said...

thanksgiving is the best because of family. and so, it looks like you had the bestttt thanksgiving!

Lolren said...

How was the turkey cookies? You should post a recipe :D

Also tagged you in my award post :)