Saturday, November 6, 2010

Making a Difference - Kind Over Matter

Kind Over Matter is a blog that I have been reading for a while now.
They always seem to make me smile.
This blog is run by Jenn and Amanda. 

They started this blog with the hope of spreading love and kindness through their card drops.
A card drop is when someone drops a card with kind words on in public places like a restaurant, library, in window and many other places. They leave the card there so someone else can find it and hopefully smile. 
They focus on kind projects and art as well as the handmade community. 
Jenn and Amanda provide a lot of freebies and printables (including their awesome card drops).

Their blog is full of quotes and lovely images.
They post lovelies every Friday with links that made them smile throughout the week. 
They are working hard to make the world a kinder place. 

Kind Over Matter is currently entered in the Pepsi Refresh Project.
They are hoping to turn Kind Over Matter into a non-profit organization so they can provide grants to artists in the handmade industry. 
They made an awesome video that helps explain it.
They need our votes to help them accomplish this.
You can vote once a day and it's so easy because you can log in with Facebook. 

P.S. I've disabled comments because I would like for you to check out Kind Over Matter and leave them a comment somewhere on their blog! And share them with all of your friends!