Thursday, November 18, 2010

Crafty Lady

Last night I was so tired I didn't really want to do anything.
My roommate was getting crafty the other night and I couldn't join her because I had homework. (sad face)
I decided last night that I wanted to be crafty too! 
Look at what I made! 

I think I will make more and place them in frames or use them as cards. 
What do you think??

In case you want to DIY: Iris Folding


rachel! said...

ooh! that looks awesome. i cherish the nights when i can craft. homework night make me sad.

Alyssa said...

look at you, you crafty girl!! It looks pretty dang technical!

Shelley Ann said...

crafts are always awesome and i love this one! pink and brown are some of the prettiest color together!

Sara said...

How is it people know how to do stuff like this?

You guys are nuts. And talented.

I guess you have to be both.

I'm really just the one.

Nuts, I mean.