Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Interesting Facts

Just a few things about me that are interesting (weird):

If I have a chicken biscuit, I have to eat the top biscuit part, the chicken part, and the bottom biscuit part. In that order. I can't eat them all together. 

I cannot sleep if my closet door is open, even a tiny bit.

The only sandwiches I eat are grilled cheese and peanut butter & jelly.
And I can only eat a grilled cheese sandwich if it's cut at a diagonal.

I try to avoid blow drying my hair if I can. 
I think I had my Mom or Dad blow dry it for me until I was 10.

I now know how to get a water balloon to fit in a glass bottle.

I am not a fan of odd numbers. 

What makes you interesting?


Alyssa said...

i read this earlier today and loved it. then decided i better have a think about what my "quirks" are... but i cant think of any but i know there are plenty because im a little ocd so things have to be just right. ill have a think!!!

your quirks are adorable!!!!!!!!

and pretty please share the secret of balloon in glass bottle?

Celeste said...

I NEVER blow dry my hair.. too much work ;)

I eat the crust first when I eat pizza or sandwiches.

I organize my closet my color.

And I don't like opening oreos to lick the cream. I eat it all at once :)

heather yalin said...

haha! This is funny! People's little quirks are beautiful. It's the perfectionist OCD in me that gives me my quirks!

Gracie said...

Ah this is great! I have a few quirks like this too. I have to eat my vegies first then the main meal. I have to scoop the foam and cinnamon off my cappucino before drinking. I'm not a fan of odd numbers either!

Diana said...

I can't think of what makes me weird specifically, i know just being me is weird enough, ha!

Alyssa said...

ok one just came to me, its all i can think of.
though now that im writing it its not making as much sense as when it came to me.ill keep thinking.

Alyssa said...

how about i have to hug something to fall asleep? i always have a spare pillow to hug.
and i cannot sleep unless i have 2 pillows under my head.

AmyK said...

Confession: I have no idea what you mean by "chicken biscuit." Is it a southern thing?

Kristin said...

My hairdryer doesn't get a whole lot of use either. I usually wash it the night before and go natural of flat iron it the next day. I'm lazy.HA!

Shelley Ann said...

i love these little posts! it's so fun to see how different everyone is. and im not a fan of odd numbers either. they bother me!

Sara said...

You're a quirky lady. I like it.

And I understand the closet thing. It's creepy.

And don't sandwiches just taste better when cut diagonally? I think it's science.