Monday, October 18, 2010

Life Lately

I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend. 
My weekend was busy but fun. 
Fall break starts Wednesday which I am excited to go home for a while. 
My full time internship starts at the beginning of November, so school work is starting 
to pile up faster than I would like. It means I have less time for blogging. 
Hopefully things will calm down soon. It's kind of crazy to think these next few weeks are my
 last weeks of college classes. 

Hope you are doing fantastic! 


Sara said...

I love that picture. Where is it? Is it real? Can I live there? Is the bike included? Is it always Fall? Do you know the way? Can you show me? said...

i just stumbled onto your blog and it is so cute! the heritage museum looked absolutely amazing, i am so jealous!

Emma Jade said...

hope college is going good sweetie!

Shelley Ann said...

thats awesome that you get to go home for fall break! i hope you have a wonderful vacation!

rachel! said...

yay for breaks! i hope you live it up and that you're not tooo busy once everything starts up again...LIFE, geesh.