Monday, September 27, 2010

Megan's Wedding Pictures

A month ago my beautiful older sister, Megan, got married to the love of her life. 
She was the most beautiful bride ever. The wedding was amazing. 
Here are a handful of pictures. There were so many wonderful ones, it was hard to narrow it down. 

Handsome groom and beautiful bride. 


On the way into the church

First kiss as husband and wife

 Family picture including Billy.

These two are my favorites.  

I love this one also! 

Tim and I. :]

First dance and wedding cake. 

Mr. & Mrs. 

I am so happy for her and excited that Billy is now part of my family. 

Check out my sister's amazing bridal photos. 


Kaleena J. said...

the one where he is lifting her up and kissing her is cuuuuuuuuuuute!

Alyssa said...

Your sister has SUCH a beautiful smile, its one of those light up the room smiles!

Your hair looks incredible!!!!! xx

Whit said...

These are so good! Linden hadn't shown them to me yet! We are trying to redo her blog, so she is waiting to post them and I had really wanted to see them. Meg was a gorgeous bride! I love the pic of you and Tim as well.

jenneybean said...

These are absolutely beautiful! :))

rachel! said...

your sister & new brother-in-law are so beautiful! i love her dress. and you and your man are quite the dashing couple, as well!

CAPow! said...

those photos are so beautiful!

Molly said...

These pics are great and you looked beautiful!!!!

i heart weddings.

Kristin said...

Gorgeous photos! That cake is beyond darling!

Sara said...

Those are beautiful photographs.

I like that your sister looks gorgeous, but she also looks very natural.

Bridget said...

i love their cake.