Sunday, September 5, 2010

Decorating Tips?

I moved into a new apartment a couple of weeks ago. 
My walls are white, very white. 
I have done a little bit of decorating. 
But it's hard because I can't not paint the walls and I am on a college student budget. 

Here is what I have so far: 
(this is above my closet)

(this picture is above my bed)

There is still a lot of white. Tim helped me put up my pink curtain so that adds a little bit of color.
And a few personal photos on my desk and nightstand.  

Do you have any cheap/DIY decorating tips? 
And by cheap I mean basically free.
I would love to hear your ideas. 
Hope you had an amazing weekend.


Smart Ass Sara said...

My friend used to live in an apartment where she couldn't paint the walls so what she did was put curtain rods over her closet doors and hung really funky curtains to hide the door. And then she went to an antique store and got a bunch of colored vases (some big some small) and clustered them around rooms. It really drew attention away from the bare walls.

Alyssa said...

paper bunting everywhere. i made mine with paper i had lying around and some cotton and it has changed my whole room up!

Sara said...

This may sound super cheesy, but putting a calendar or a bulletin board on the wall.

I feel like it helps personalize your space.

Have fun decorating!

Your place already looks far more lived in than the place I've been for a year.