Thursday, June 3, 2010

Things that Made Me Smile this Week

Seeing this beautiful sunset before a two hour drive back from my evening class. 

Passing a place called "Fort Defiance."
 I am not sure why but it made me laugh. 

Spending 2 hours with wonderful and entertaining women learning to play the recorder and do a little dance to the beat of a drum. 

Seeing this small rainbow yesterday evening as well. 

E-mailing blog friends while I'm sitting in class. 

Running over a skunk's tail. It was not enjoyable at the time but it made me laugh later.

Eating a Snicker's ice cream bar. They are amazing. 

What made you smile this week?


Sara said...

I have totally run over a squirrel's tale before.

On the way to church.

So, if PETA didn't hunt me down, I figured the Lord might!

Smart Ass Sara said...

OK--now I want a snicker's ice cream bar. ;)

Katy Mary said...

love that sunset and snickers ice cream bars..delish!

Lorine Kalista Noor said...

aw beautiful sky!
I want to see that for real!

chelsea rebecca said...

SNICKERS ICE CREAM BAR!!?? ah i want one now.. oh where is the ice cream man where i need him!??

emailing blog friends during class was the story of my life second semester! ahaha. i love it!

Emily said...

I love Snickers ice cream bars! I was craving one late last night - we didn't have any so I ended up with a Klondike bar at midnight. Not as good, but yum!