Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dream On

I am obsessed with Neil Patrick Harris and Matthew Morrison (and Glee). 
Also obsessed with their version of this song. 
I probably listened to this song about 20 times today. 
Definitely my new favorite celebrity crushes. 

I love this video.
Happy Tuesday!!  


Claire Marie said...

I so love this too! It was epic.

chelsea rebecca said...

and glee!
this is so awesome!!

Sara said...

Oh, Mr. Schuester... I would love you...

Emma Jade said...

oh nph! yumyumyumyum! for some reason the fact that he can sing so high makes him sexier? on some primal level that is very wrong!
I absolutely love this clip! And in the finale mr sue said "I love you Emma" I was over the moon :)

Liv said...

It is so so beautiful :)

Tarver said...

When I listen to this I always rewind and listen to NPH do that high note at the end like 12 times before I move to another song, or to the beginning of the song to hear it again.

Its THAT good!

Spence. said...

Ahh I love glee!
Neil PH' is amaziiing