Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dear North Carolina

Dear North Carolina,

You are probably my favorite state. The beach, the mountains, and the city all in one state, what more could a girl want? I also like that you provide us with very distinct seasons. Fall is my favorite. I would like to thank you for naming your towns and other things in the state adorable names that make me giggle. This definitely makes my two hour drive home from class much more enjoyable. My favorites at the moment are Happy Valley and Sugar Loaf. Every time I drive through those towns I smile. I think I might move to Happy Valley one day. I like "Fort Defiance," I am going to have to check it out one day. I also like your creek names such as one creek named Long Creek then the next creek down the road is Little Long Creek. I appreciate your kind road signs such as "Pass with Care."  Thanks for entertaining me. I hope  won't ever have to move but if I do, I will always come back to visit. I am looking forward to discovering more exciting things about you.



chelsea rebecca said...

aww i love north carolina too!! my grandparents live there! and i think i'm going to visit them in a week!

Sara said...

Your love for your state makes me happy.

And just remember- whenever I complain about it, 9 times out of 10 it is due to the fact that I'm a cranky, bitter spinster in the making and I'm taking it out on my surroundings.

Tarver said...

I adore North Carolina too, I'm from Georgia, but my Grandma used to have a house in Ridge Haven near Brevard, which is close to Hendersonville close to Asheville. But I loved it so much! It was the best little getaway close to such great towns.