Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Summer Session.

My backyard is a forest. Almost.  

I had my first day of summer session today. 
It was early, but good. 
I think my technology class will be fairly easy. 
I hope I will learn a lot. 
However I am not looking forward to driving to Hickory tomorrow for my night class, but it has to be done and is only five weeks long.

I hope you have been doing well and had a great Tuesday. 


Sara said...

Early class Tuesday morning and late class Wednesday nights?


Summer is slapping you around a little, isn't it?

Emma Jade said...

gosh that's your garden! It's beautiful!
Not sure what summer session is.. but good luck with it!

Latia said...

Enjoy and Good Luck with your classes.

veggies said...

You always have such good photos on your blog. Photography is the next hobby on my list. :)