Monday, May 17, 2010

It's Only Monday

It is only Monday and I have many things that have already made this week pretty awesome.

- Two trips to Target in one day (Is there such a thing as a Targetaholic?)
- Finding a cute dress for $13
- Rain which makes the temperature drop dramatically
- Finally admitting my car has a split personality
- Quality time with Tim before we are once again miles away from each other
- Silly and entertaining siblings
- Chick-fil-a breakfast
- A sweet Mom who will drive across town in the rain because my car won't start because of it's split personality
- Staying up until 1:30 am to finish reading the fourth Harry Potter book (which is way past my bedtime)

I hope your Monday was pretty wonderful. 


Christine said...

If their is such thing as a "Targetholic" than I am it!! :P

Sara said...

Two trips in one day?

That sounds phenomenal!

Kelly and Sara said...

Wish my Monday wouldv'e gone that well!!