Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dear Drivers

Dear People who drive tall cars,

     If you get behind me in the dark and I am driving slower than the speed limit it is because your lights are probably BLINDING me. I know you can't help that your lights hit the mirrors on my car just right to make it difficult to see. I am going slow because I can't see well and I do not want to run off the road especially going around a windy curvy mountain road. The closer you tailgate me the slower I will go. So either back off and I'll speed up or go around me. 

Thanks a bunch, 
A small car driver


Sara said...


I don't know how many times this has happened to me, and my reaction is the same.

amindinmotown said...

I drive a Cavalier and know EXACTLY what you're talking about. Don't they get it? Ugh.

jenneybean said...


Delia said...

Happy Saturday! I'm visiting from the SITS Saturday Sharefest.

I love the photos. You live in a really beautiful place. And hey, my favorite hobbies are reading and baking!

Enjoy the weekend!