Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Laughter is the Best Calorie Burner

Tonight Allison and I went to see a hypnotist. 
I had never seen a show before and I am so glad I went. 
I laughed so much.
I laughed at the boy who thought the microphone stand was his soulmate.
I laughed when all the boys on stage thought they were pregnant and giving birth. 
I laughed when two girls started speaking "Martian" and they actually sounded like the same language. 
I laughed at the girl who bowed every time the audience clapped. 

I laughed so much that I was on the verge of tears. 
If you ever have the chance to see a hypnotist, take it. 
Very entertaining. 

I hope you have been having a wonderful week. 
Tim and I are off to Gatlinburg tomorrow.
I'm excited. 


Alyssa said...

Hypnotists are hilarious to watch. Though i have only watched it on tv. I have a fear of going to one of the shows and them hypnotising me without realising it and getting up and doing something stupid lol...

Christy said...

Found you on 20sb! I love your blog! Consider me your newest follower!

I also love your 101 list! Why New Bern, NC though? My best friend lives there!

amindinmotown said...

Do you still wonder if it's real? I would. I'm very skeptical though.

Sarah Nicole said...

Christy - I picked New Bern because that is where my favorite author lives, and my boyfriends grandparents. I have lived in NC all my life and never been out that way.

Mindy - I think it's real. It's hilarious even if it isn't.

VELOSO said...


Sara said...

I've seen too many CSI episodes of crooked hypnotists.

I don't trust them!