Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Book 19 - Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets

I finished reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets quite some time ago but I kept forgetting to write my review! I am so sorry. I really enjoyed reading this book as much as I did the first Harry Potter book. It's been so long that I kind of forgot some major details. I do remember there was a lot of action and suspense as Harry and his friends returned for their second year of Hogwarts. I enjoyed reading as they learned new spells and fought off crazy characters. One of my favorite parts was how Harry and Ron returned to Hogwarts. I was very curious to find out what happened. I read through this rather quickly because I could not put it down. I recommend Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets for children and adults. If you haven't jumped on the Harry Potter bandwagon yet you need to.


Kathleen said...

Have you started Prisoner of Azkaban yet? It's always been my favorite of the series!

Diana said...

you cannot go wrong with any harry potter book!

Sara said...

Is this your first time reading through the series?

I resisted for a while, but couldn't stop reading when I finally gave in.

I also stood in line at Borders at midnight for the last book.

I'm not ashamed.