Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I Want to Share

A few things I want to share with you...

These gorgeous flowers at the bottom of the stairwell 
of the building I spend almost all of my time in. 

This week I have started volunteering at a local elementary school to help students who are struggling in reading. It helped me to remember why I want to be a teacher. 
I love it and I'm sad that I can't spend all my time helping them. 
Especially today when one student opened up to me after only knowing me for 6 minutes. 
This reminded me that everyone just needs some one to listen. 

I'm excited that both my morning classes tomorrow are canceled. 

The beautiful view from my front door tonight. 
Today was a gorgeous day. 

I have decided that whether or not I have children,
I will definitely have a swing in my backyard. 

Hopefully one like this.

I'm also excited to head home tomorrow to see the boyfriend and the family.
Anything you want to share with me?


Jason Houck said...

Thanks for sharing. It always over joys me when others have such a passion for kids. Never change that.

Katy Mary said...

Lovely post, I love when people share positive things in their Blogs. Those flowers are so pretty and I would love a swing like that too. Even just for me to swing in haha.

Sara said...

Swings are BAD ASS.

Emma Jade said...

I want to have a swing in my backyard too1 Along with a library with a sliding ladder and a fireplace in my bedroom :)