Friday, March 19, 2010

The Best Deal of My Life.

I love that feeling of searching the sale racks, pulling something off that is actually cute and noticing the small tiny price.
I am always excited when I find something amazing for cheap.
I think the best deal of my life (so far) was my senior year prom dress.

{I'm in the pink.}

I absolutely loved this dress.
I was prepared to pay the full $150 for it.
I went to the register, holding my breath waiting for the total amount.
The cashier had to double check the price, but my total ended up being correct.
When she told me I only owed her $46, I was stunned.
My friends were shocked.
I couldn't believe it. 
It was the best deal ever.

What has been the best deal of your life?


Rhianne said...

That is an amazing deal. I'm never willing to spend alot on my cameras and the last vintage one I got I managed to get for £3 included postage on ebay - I was far too excited about that :)

Emma Jade said...

That happened with my prom dress too! and it was that colour! Pink prom dresses must be lucky :)

Katy Mary said...

Wow what a steal for a prom dress, and it's so pretty! I think the best deal so far of my life would have to be the cute Old Navy t-shirt dress I nabbed for $2.99!!